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Server Details

Connection to Services DEFUNCT: SyncPlay

Specify the following details in your SyncPlay client: Server_Addr: Port: 8999 (this should be the default value) Server_Passwd: N/A You can choose any room name - agree on one with your friends. :-)

Establishing Connection

Connection to Services DEFUNCT: SyncPlay

When syncplay client is invoked without any media file provided one would have to put the path in `L9`,  alternatively, one could provide the file to be played as the 1st argument. Fill the variables given below according to the applicable choices or constrai...


IRC Client Guides Android Clients

Goguma (source) F-Droid This is the recommended way to acquire this application. If you don't have `f-droid` installed on your device refer here. Either Lookup `goguma`  or see here if in trouble. Once youve spotted it (preferably check the changelog a...

Addresses - Clearnet

IRC Client Guides Connection Details

Host: Port: 6697 SSL/TLS: true Currenty resolves to: ipv4 - The 6697, tls based port is the only option available for cleartext connections. The following hostnames are equally fine to replace the Host: field irc.liberta.cas...


Connection to Services Email

When adding an account use a custom manual account associated wth your sso account. Configure Manually during Account setuo IMAP Server: Port: 993 Conn type etc dropdown select secure AuthType: Normal Password Accountname: reggeduser SMPT Ser...

Certfp (sasl external)

IRC Client Guides Authentication

For ``SASL EXTERNAL`` to work one must connect over TLS. Create a self-signed cert This requires the `openssl` utility. One can then generate the cert as follows openssl req -x509 -new -newkey rsa:4096 -sha256 -days 1096 -nodes -out libcasa.pem -keyo...

Introduction and some mods

Day of Infamy Modding

Day of Infamy comes off as a very brutal and unforgiving game from the outset. Considering that it is a Source 1 engine game, it makes up for the lack of graphical fidelity with atmosphere ... beautiful maps. None of this is going to however prevent us from mo...


IRC Client Guides Desktop Clients

Add or Edit the network Hit ``Ctrl+s`` to open the network list. Click on `Add` or `Edit` accordingly If you already have an account: Fill according to the image below. Here the `accountname` placeholder is whatever `nick` you registered on the ...