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Add or Edit the network

  1. Hit ``Ctrl+s`` to open the network list.
  2. Click on `Add` or `Edit` accordingly
  3. If you already have an account:
    1. Fill according to the image below.
    2. image.png

    3. Here the `accountname` placeholder is whatever `nick` you registered on the ircd
    4. The `username` field is being used by SASL AUTH as the `sasl_username`, hence it is necessary to ensure that `nick` matches `username` field both of which are equal to the `accountname`.
  4. If connecting without authentication:
    1. The `Real Name` and `User Name` fields do not have to match the `nick` value as shown. But its hygienic.
    2. image.png

  5. Autojoin channels:
    1. Click on the `Autojoin channels` tab in the images shown above. Optionally add the required channels and ensure you hit the `Enter` key.
    2. Suggested channels:
      1. `#libcasa`
      2. ``
      3. `#dev`
      4. `#help`