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  • This is the recommended way to acquire this application.
  • If you don't have `f-droid` installed on your device refer here.
  • Either Lookup `goguma`  or see here if in trouble.
  • Once youve spotted it (preferably check the changelog and the feature list) and install the application.
  • Upon opening the application you will be faced with  the following:


  1. Refer here for Host Info for  Clearnet and ..
  2. Ensure is in the Server: field.


  3. Fill the nick of your choice in the Nickname field and click Connect.
  4. Fill your account-name in the Nickname field and similarly with your login password in the Password.
  5. Click Connect
  6. If feeling lost look to join #libcasa, #help by typing: /join #libcasa for example.