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Introduction and some mods

Day of Infamy comes off as a very brutal and unforgiving game from the outset. Considering that it is a Source 1 engine game, it makes up for the lack of graphical fidelity with atmosphere ... beautiful maps. None of this is going to however prevent us from modding the f out of it.

If you want to immerse yourself in the horror of WWII beyond tinkering with the settings there are some mods from the workshop that one would consider crucial:

  1. Blood - More Gore
Custom UI
  1. Realistic Wehrmacht Rank and Insignia
  2. Better Map Overviews
  3. Patches and Edits for Nerds
  4. Swastika Pack - Say NEIN to censorship
  5. Objective Icons - Flags
  6. Animated Menu and Loading Screen - Wehrmacht
  7. Main Menu REDUX

Weapon Skins (etc)

  1. Historically Accurate Tin Cans
  2. Better Realistic Shell Models
  3. Black Nebelhandgranate